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Becoming an Employer of Choice: Five Steps for Talent Branding

Becoming competitive in the next economy means employers must execute talent branding and become known as a talent magnet. According to an article in this month’s Talent Management magazine, here are five steps for talent branding that companies should employ:

  1. Use talent mapping. Segment the workforce into separate roles based on their business value and differentiate critical or pivotal talent.
  2. Create meaning for the talent brand. To do so, leadership must have a talent presence internally and externally.
  3. Cultivate a learning culture. Because talented and successful employees want to keep building their skills.
  4. Focus on the supervisors. Employees rely on their immediate supervisor more than any other individual for information, recognition and motivation.
  5. Don’t ignore work/life issues. Technology has resulted in the blurring of work and life and employers must help employees find the right balance.

So how does a sabbatical strategy fit into all of this? Programs that allow for structured time away from a job, if properly designed, promote intentional reflective and strategic, innovative thinking – powerful contributors to organizational success. And stories about individual sabbatical experiences inspire and strengthen an employer’s talent brand.

Check out these employers of choice who have figured all of this out and are successful branding themselves as talent magnets.


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Elizabeth consults with organizations on leadership/talent development. She is co-author of THE TRANSPARENCY EDGE: How Credibility Can Make or Break You in Business (McGraw-Hill), which has been translated into four languages and is now in paperback. A former business journalist, articles by and about her have appeared in a wide array of business publications, including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN International, Outside Magazine,, Journal of Accountancy, CBS News, Web CPA, Business to Business, Talent Management, Employee Benefit News, Manage Smarter, and Canada’s Globe and Mail. You can find her book on Amazon:

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After 9/11, Elizabeth sailed with her mother on their family's 43-foot Beneteau, "Revival". To read more about their adventure at sea, go to Since their sailing sabbatical, Elizabeth and her mother have been working tirelessly to ensure that every career path includes a sabbatical or two.

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